Bridal Makeup Artist

Let Her Shine with a Talented Bridal Makeup Artist

Not every bride in England is an expert at applying makeup. Give the gift of beautiful lasting memories when you hire her a bridal makeup artist like Natasha from Beaubelles Hair & Makeup. Ask for a natural look that better reflects the bride's daily routine but also minimizes blemishes that can be caught by all the cameras. Our complete bridal package includes both hair and makeup, taking one more task off the wedding morning list. If she is uncertain about using the makeup, our included trial session can show her how we can use makeup to help her maintain the perfect appearance all day long.

We also offer packages that can include the rest of the bridal party, so everybody will look their best in the portrait shots. Located in nearby Maidenhead, you are assured that we can make the appointment on time. Make sure to call soon to secure your date.